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Important Note


WG1 - Terminology                                                 News at Sydney Australia, Nov 2016

WG1 (including MT10 and PT12) held its recent meetings in Sydney, Australia, on October 31 and November 1, 2016. WG1 has been working on the following standards for the last few years.

1.  IEC 61703 -Mathematical expressions for reliability, availability, maintainability and maintenance support terms
2.  IEC 60050 – Part 192, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary – Part 192: Dependability
3.  IEV 60050 – Part 692, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary - Part 692: Electric power systems; dependability and quality of service

The status of the above standards, as noted at the Sydney meeting, is as follows:

IEC 61703 was issued as an International Standard in August 2016.

IEC 60050- Part 192 was issued as an International Standard in 2015. Information regarding any changes / additions / corrections required to the standard is being collected now. A few changes required have already been identified.

IEC 60050- Part 692, after disposition of the comments on its CDV version, has been submitted to IEC / TC 1 for issue as FDIS. Clarifications sought by IEC / TC 1 to ensure harmonization with other terminology standards are currently being provided to ensure timely issue of the FDIS for NC comments.


WG2 - Dependability techniques                                                 News at Sydney Australia, Nov 2016

WG2 have just had a successful meeting in Sydney, Australia, between 31st October and 4th November 2016.

1.  WG2 have had the following standard published;

a)  IEC 61078 - Analysis techniques for dependability - Reliability block diagram and Boolean methods

2.  WG2 are currently working on the following documents;

a)  IEC 60300-3-5 – Application guide - Test Conditions and Statistical Test Principles.

b)  IEC 60812 - Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). There will be a CDV shortly.

c)  IEC 61163-2 - Reliability stress screening - Part 2: Electronic components. A CD2 will be produced shortly.

d)  IEC 60300-3-1 - Dependability management - Part 3-1: Application guide - Analysis techniques for dependability - Guide on methodology.

3.  WG2 are about to start work updating;

a)  IEC 61025 Ed. 2.0 - Fault tree analysis (FTA)

b)  IEC 61123 Reliability testing - Compliance test plans for success ratio

c)  IEC 61124 Reliability testing - Compliance tests for constant failure rate and constant failure intensity.

4.  WG2 are considering updating the following documents. If anyone has any comments on these please contact the convener.

a)  IEC 62308: Equipment reliability - Reliability assessment methods

b)  IEC 62502 1st Ed. – Analysis techniques for dependability – Event tree analysis (ETA)

c)  IEC 60605-4 Equipment reliability testing - Part 4: Statistical procedures for exponential distribution - Point estimates, confidence intervals, prediction intervals and tolerance intervals

d)  IEC 60605-6 - Equipment reliability testing - Part 6: Tests for the validity and estimation of the constant failure rate and constant failure intensity

e)  IEC 61163-1- Reliability stress screening - Part 1: Repairable assemblies manufactured in lots

f)  IEC 61165 - Application of Markov techniques

g)  IEC 61649 - Weibull analysis

h)  IEC 61710 - Power law model - Goodness-of-fit tests and estimation methods

i)  IEC 62506 - Methods for product accelerated testing

j)  IEC 62551 - Analysis techniques for dependability - Petri net techniques.

The next meeting of Working Group 2 will take place October 2017 but some project teams may meet during the RAMS conference in the spring.
Please contact the convener for full details.


WG 3 - Dependability management and systems                         News at Sydney Australia, Nov 2016

The fall meeting for WG 3 Dependability management and systems was held in Sydney, Australia during the week of October 31, 2016. From the meeting, the following items of interest are:

1.   IEC 61882 Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP): The second edition was published in February this year so this completes the maintenance of this standard.

2.   IEC 62775/TS Dependability Management: Application guide - Dependability and financial processes for implementing asset management systems. This new Technical Specification was published in May and provides an important link between dependability and financial processes and asset management.

3.   IEC 60300-3-3: Application guide - Life cycle costing: Comments on the CDV have been dispositioned and submitted to IEC and the standard will shortly be issued as a FDIS.

4.   IEC 62550 Spare parts provisioning: This standard has now been issued as an FDIS and should be published in early 2017.

5.   IEC 60300-3-10 Application guide – Maintainability and IEC 60300-3-14: Application guide - Maintenance and maintenance support: Due to discussions on the structure of dependability standards, these projects are still on hold until their place in the new structure is resolved.

6.   IEC/ISO 31010 Risk management: Risk assessment techniques: The joint IEC/ISO working group spent two days discussing the many comments that were received from both TC56 and ISO/TC262. These resulted in some more restructuring of the document. A third CD will be issued for review at the next meeting after which it is expected that the standard can progress to the CDV stage.

7.   IEC 62402 Obsolescence management: This project team has been progressing the Working Draft through online meetings and it is now close to being issued as a CD.

8.   IEC 62960 Dependability review during the life cycle: There were excellent discussions on the comments from the last CD and resolution of comments. A CD2 will be issued for discussion at the next meeting and it should be possible to go to CDV after that meeting.

9.   IEC 62508 Guidance on human aspects of dependability: It was not possible to commence the action items from the last meeting but they are now able to be addressed for the next meeting.

10.  IEC 60300-3-4 Application guide - Guide to the specification of dependability requirements: The project team discussed a comparison between IEC 60300-3-4 and IEC 62347 that had been prepared by project leader. There was agreement that this comparison can form the basis for incorporating the relevant content of IEC 62347 into IEC 60300-3-4. The subsequent action is for the Project Leader to combine the two standards for review by the project team and then issuing as a CD for comments at the next meeting.

11.  Standards that are approaching their stability dates were reviewed. The following decisions were made:

•  IEC 60300-1 Guidance on management of dependability – Revise

•  IEC 62198 Managing risk in projects - Application guideline – Reconfirm

•  IEC 60706-5 Maintainability of equipment - Part 5: Testability and diagnostic testing – Reconfirm

•  IEC 62347 Guidance on system dependability specifications – Reconfirm

•  IEC 62402 Obsolescence management – Reconfirm

•  IEC 62508 Guidance on human aspects of dependability – Reconfirm

12.  WG3 participated in the Ad Hoc meeting on the structure of dependability standards which was chaired by Peter Kohler. The stakeholder analysis conducted since the last meeting was discussed. This was followed up by small group discussions on the major issues facing the use of dependability standards which then resulted in a number of action items to be completed by the next meeting.



WG 4 - Dependability information systems                               News at Sydney Australia, Nov 2016

1.   WG4 recommended to reconfirm EC 61907 Ed. 1.0 Communication network dependability engineering and set the new stability date to be five years later (2021) at TC56 plenary meeting.

2.   WG4 meeting was held on 3 November, 2016 in Sydney, in conjunction with TC56 plenary meeting.

3. At the Sydney meeting, WG4 approved IEC 62853/Ed.1: Open systems dependability to proceed to proceed to CDV (ACDV). The CDV is to be circulated in February 2017

4.   4. Future of WG4 is discussed during the Sydney meeting based on the discussion of ad hoc meeting of TC56 held on 2 November, 2016.


Published Papers

1.   Achieving dependability value for pipelines and facilities.                                                                                                            Click    HERE   to download this pdf file

2.   International Standards on Maintainability and Supportability and Their Application to the Nuclear Industry.                   Click    HERE   to download this pdf file


Important Note  

The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of IEC/TC 56 or the International Electrotechnical Commission.


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