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Global Reach

Global Solution

The IEC family

  • Founded in 1906
  • 173 countries – 86 members, 87 affiliate countries
  • > 20 000 global experts from industry, test & research labs, government, academia and consumer groups > 207 technical committees
  • > 10 800 International Standards in catalogue
  • > 1 million conformity assessment certificates issued

Encouraging development

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme encourages developing countries that are in the process of building their infrastructure and industry to participate in IEC work and gives them the opportunity to adopt IEC International Standards without having to become a member and at absolutely no cost.

  • Free of charge, 200 IEC International Standards for national adoption
  • Access to specific IEC technical documents
  • Opportunity to comment on documents for 10 selected TCs by e-mail
  • Guidance on how to use IEC Conformity Assessment Systems
  • Participation in IEC Conformity Assessment Systems
  • Observer status at IEC General Meetings
  • Support in the adoption procedure of IEC International Standards at national level

IEC Affiliate Plus Status

Developing countries who participate in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme and who have adopted at least 50 IEC International Standards and established a national electrotechnical committee (NEC) benefit from additional advantages:

  • Free of charge, 400 IEC International Standards for national adoption (instead of 200)
  • Mentoring on a case-by-case basis