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Global Platform


The sum of many expert voices

The IEC provides a global platform where thousands of experts from around the world are able to cooperate to develop the International Standards or conformity assessment services that are needed by industry, regulators and policy makers, testing or research laboratories, academia, investors or insurers.

State-of-the-art and globally relevant

Each IEC International Standard represents a global consensus of state-of-the art know-how and expertise. They incorporate the needs of stakeholders of all participating nations. Every member country represented through the IEC National Committee has one vote and a say in what goes into an IEC International Standard.


Representing national needs globally

Every IEC National Committee is responsible for selecting experts who will represent the electrotechnical interests of national stakeholders at the global level in the IEC. Together with their peers from other countries they develop thousands of technical documents that define measurement and rating methodologies, as well as interoperability, performance and safety criteria. All of these are needed to enable global trade, increase the efficiency of design, manufacturing, operation, testing and conformity assessment, as well as end of life recycling and disposal of electrotechnical devices and systems.

Please contact your National Committee if you are interested in participating in IEC standardization work.

The world’s leading experts

Approximately 20 000 experts from companies, industry, academia and governments offer their time, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of products, systems and equipment that use or produce electricity, or contain electronics. Many of these experts enjoy a worldwide reputation in their field.

They understand how equipment should be designed, produced, operated, installed, maintained and overhauled and introduce that knowledge into IEC International Standards. More than 200 technical committees (TCs) and subcommittees (SCs) prepare IEC International Standards in 1 450 working groups (WGs) .