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Important Note

The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of IEC TC 56 or the International Electrotechnical Commission.

  1. Achieving dependability value for pipelines and facilities. Click here to download this pdf file.
  2. Presentation on TC 56 standardization (TC56 members only)
  3. International standards on maintainability and supportability and their application to the nuclear industry.
  4. The 6th Workshop on Open Systems Dependability (WOSD) took place in Tokyo, Japan during October 2017. The website is available here. Individual slides and papers can be accessed from the website and are also listed below;
    • Assurance of open systems dependability: developing a framework for automotive security and safety
    • ISO 31010 on risk assessment techniques and open systems.
    • Developments in dependability standardization.
    • An overview of IEC 62853, Open systems dependability (CDV).
    • Short history of IEC TC 56 from 1965 to 2017.
    • Impact of open systems dependability on IoT and SoS.
    • Automated integration of potentially hazardous open systems.
    • Open systems dependability and DEOS: Concept, retrospect and prospects.
  5. Dependability and emerging technologies. Click here to download this pdf file.