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Working Group Activities

WG1 – Terminology

Activities at November 2020

WG 1 had its last in-person meeting at Shanghai, China on October 23, 2019.  The in-person meetings planned for 2020 were cancelled due to pandemic caused by Corona virus.   Since the meeting in Shanghai, WG 1 has been working, thru correspondence, on the Amendments to definitions of terms in IEC 60050-192 :2015.   WG1 did not meet at the virtual IEC/TC 56 Plenary meetings held in the first week of November 2020, and is now polling its members to establish if WG 1 should meet virtually or continue to make progress thru correspondence.  Further at the aforementioned IEC/ TC 56  plenary meeting, Joffrey Smitham was appointed the new Co-convenor of WG 1..

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WG2 – Dependability Techniques

News at Milan, Italy, November 2018

WG2 have just had a successful meeting in Milan, Italy, between 5th and 9th November 2018

  1. WG2 have had the following standard published;
    1. IEC 60812  Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).
  2. WG2 are currently working on the following documents:
    1. IEC 60300-3-5 Application guide ‑ Test Conditions and Statistical Test Principles.
    2. IEC 61163-2 Reliability stress screening – Part 2: Electronic components.
    3. IEC 60300-3-1 Dependability management ‑ Part 3-1: Application guide ‑ Analysis techniques for dependability ‑ Guide on methodology.
    4. IEC 61025 Ed. 2.0 Fault tree analysis (FTA).
    5. IEC 61123 Reliability testing ‑ Compliance test plans for success ratio.
    6. IEC 61124 Reliability testing ‑ Compliance tests for constant failure rate and constant failure intensity.
    7. IEC 62506 Methods for product accelerated testing.
    8. IEC 61014 Reliability Growth.

The next meeting of Working Group 2 will take place October 2018. Please contact the convener for full details. 

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WG 3 – Dependability Management and Systems

News at Shanghai, China, October 2019

Two documents from WG 3 have been published since the last TC 56 meeting IEC 62409 Obsolescence management; published 29 May 2019 and IEC 31010 Risk management – Risk assessment techniques; published in June 2019.
The FDIS IEC 62960 Dependability reviews through the life cycle: has been submitted to IEC and is expected to be released for vote shortly.
The main work of WG 3 is the suite of 5 standards that represent the top level documents of TC56 covering dependability management, specification of dependability requirements and each of the dependability attributes of reliability (managed by WG2), maintainability, supportability and availability.
The status of these documents is as follows:

  1. IEC 60300-1 Dependability Management :  a draft CD1 was discussed at the meeting it is intended to issue a CD1 in time for comments in the May meeting of WG3.
  2. IEC 60300-3-4 Specification of dependability requirements:  this standard was already undergoing revision when it was decided to produce a coordinated suite of standards so it has been held up until the Reliability Maintainability and Supportability standards had progressed far enough to plan the suite as a whole. Either a CD3 or a CDV is expected to be released after the meeting with the MT to make this decision when the draft is complete.
  3. IEC 60300-3-10 Maintainability:  Zoom meetings have been occurring to finalise comments on the Working draft and a CD1 will be issued in time for comments to be discussed in the spring meeting. The team did not meet in Shanghai
  4. IEC 60300-3-14 Supportability . A WD is being prepared. The team did not meet in Shanghai.
  5. IEC 60300-3-17 Availability . Comments on CD1 were discussed in Shanghai and discussion will continue at the next meeting
  6. IEC 60300-3-14 Supportability . A WD is A WD is being prepared. The team did not meet in Shanghai.

Work has started on the revision of IEC 62508 Human aspects of dependability. The MT met for the first time in Shanghai and has mapped out a structure for the WD

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WG4 – Dependability Information Systems

News at virtual meeting in November 2020

The WG4 team held a meeting in connection to the TC 56 plenary meeting 2020. Though held virtually the attendance counted 14 members from 7 countries (Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan and UK).
The key topic on the meeting was about the emergence of the term trustworthiness, in the context of both Europe/EU, ISO/JTC1/SC7 and ISO/JTC1/SC41.
This new trend is welcomed as a good opportunity for strengthening the conversation about dependability – both within TC56 and together with ISO/JTC1/SC7 and SC41.