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TC 56



Scope of Working and Advisory Groups

WG1 – Dependability terminology

Convenors – Mr Mohinder S. Grover & Mr Joffrey Smitham
• produces new and maintains existing terms and definitions related to dependability for inclusion in the IEV;
• advises Project Leaders on terminology for writing clear and unambiguous standards and promoting clear communications, for example in contract situations;
• ensures that the terms defined clarify any linkages to terms used in other fields, for example, quality;
• liaises with other TCs on IEC terms and definitions, as appropriate.

WG2 – Dependability techniques

Convenors – Mr Jeff A. Jones & Ms Lesley Walls
Dependability techniques develops and maintains standards on:
• reliability tools and techniques;
• test and analysis methods;
• statistical procedures associated with these techniques and methods (applied statistics).

WG3 – Management and systems

Convenors – Ms Jean Cross & Ms Jo Hursell
Management and systems develops and maintains standards on:
• management of dependability;
• maintainability, supportability and maintenance;
• technological risk assessment;
• systems engineering and human aspects.

WG4 – Information systems

Convenors – Mr Yoshiki KINOSHITA & Mr Thomas Young Olesen
Information systems develops and maintains standards on:
• dependability of information systems including open systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Systems of Systems (SoS);
• dependability of IT security.

AG6 – Legal Advisory Group (LAG)

Convenor – Mr Dai Davis
The Legal Advisory Group (LAG):
• advises the Chair, convenors and project leaders on the legal implications of TC 56 standards;
• responds to inquiries and reviews working drafts of documents as to legal implications to provide input to the Working Groups before documents are circulated;
• provides expertise in relation to laws, regulations and important court decisions pertinent to the work of TC 56.

AG7 – Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)

Convenor – Mr Tom Van Hardeveld
The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG):
• advises the Chair of TC 56 on industry requirements and dependability standards needed to serve those needs;
• coordinates the work of the Working Groups. Convenors and deputy convenors (secretaries) of the Working Groups, as well as invited experts from the member bodies, participate in the meetings;
• provides on-going guidance on strategic issues and long range planning.

AG27 – Communications Advisory Group (CAG)

Convenor – Mr Joffrey Smitham
The Communication Advisory Group (CAG):
• advises on managing communication of TC56 dependability activities and application through the website;
• advises on facilitating communication with liaison partners;
• organizes seminars to promote the value of dependability to stakeholders.