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Reducing duplication, eliminating waste

Many leading multinationals and hundreds of other smaller organizations throughout the world actively participate in IEC work through their National Committee. They do so because it helps them reduce duplication, minimize waste of resources and time, and saves them a lot of money on the way.

Clear focus

Active participation provides companies with advance information on technology developments; stimulates and focuses their innovation process; facilitates product design; simplifies testing and certification, and generally helps level the playing field by reducing unfair competition.

Through active participation, companies find it easier to build competitive products of consistent safety and quality, protect their intellectual property and disseminate new technologies. In the process they are able to reassure buyers, investors, regulators and insurers.


Consistent outcomes

When companies sit at the table where the technical rules for global trade are written, they are able to influence the future of their industry and make certain that their technologies are taken into account. These companies understand that if they didn’t participate in the process, they would leave it up to competition to write the rules they would have to work with in the future.


Pre-empting the future

The IEC keeps a close watch on technologies and trends. Every year, one or two major technologies are subject to an in-depth analysis by global experts in cooperation with eminent international research establishments. This analysis is published in the form of White Papers and can be downloaded on the IEC website. The aim of these publications is to guide IEC work and pre-empt standardization and conformity assessment needs.

All IEC work is rooted in declared stakeholder needs. Any company or organization anywhere in the world can submit a request for a new IEC International Standard via the IEC National Committee, a Technical Committee or even directly to the IEC General Secretary. Work is started if this need is shared by several other countries around the world.

Highly cost-efficient

The IEC operates the most cost-efficient platform for electrotechnical standardization in the world and provides an A to Z fully transparent and tightly managed process.