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WG1 – Terminology

News at Shanghai, China, October 2019

IEC / TC 56 / WG 1 met on 23 October, 2019 to discuss primarily the draft of the amendments to the definitions of some of the terms and Figures in IEC 60050 – Part 192 Dependability. The proposed amendments in the draft were based on the Living Document that WG1 has been using for compiling, recording and freezing all the changes that have been proposed to be made to the terms in IEC 60050-192 – Dependability Ed 1.0 since the publication of the standard in 2015. The changes were required to:
      • amend the figures that were used in IEC 60050-192:2015 to help explain the definitions,
      • incorporate definitions of terms more commonly used by industry, and
      • align the definitions of terms with updates of reference standards.

At the meeting on October 23, WG1 discussed the amended Figures, and the terms the definitions of which had been frozen. Some minor changes to the terms discussed were agreed to. WG1 agreed that the amendments with minor changes made were ready to be processed for eventual publication.

Subsequent to the meeting, representatives of WG 1 met with Joanna Goodwin (IEC Secretariat), Terminology Coordinator, to discuss the path forward for quickly publishing the amendments using IEC TC 1 processes. Ms. Goodwin explained the options available and how WG1 could use her services to publish the amendments in the IEC Electropedia.

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WG2 – Dependability Techniques

News at Milan, Italy, November 2018

WG2 have just had a successful meeting in Milan, Italy, between 5th and 9th November 2018

  1. WG2 have had the following standard published;
    1. IEC 60812  Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).
  2. WG2 are currently working on the following documents:
    1. IEC 60300-3-5 Application guide ‑ Test Conditions and Statistical Test Principles.
    2. IEC 61163-2 Reliability stress screening – Part 2: Electronic components.
    3. IEC 60300-3-1 Dependability management ‑ Part 3-1: Application guide ‑ Analysis techniques for dependability ‑ Guide on methodology.
    4. IEC 61025 Ed. 2.0 Fault tree analysis (FTA).
    5. IEC 61123 Reliability testing ‑ Compliance test plans for success ratio.
    6. IEC 61124 Reliability testing ‑ Compliance tests for constant failure rate and constant failure intensity.
    7. IEC 62506 Methods for product accelerated testing.
    8. IEC 61014 Reliability Growth.

The next meeting of Working Group 2 will take place October 2018. Please contact the convener for full details.

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WG 3 – Dependability Management and Systems

News at Milan, Italy, November 2018

The November 2018 meeting of WG3 was held in Milan during the week of November 5th. From the meeting the following items of interest are:

  1. IEC 62960 Dependability reviews through the lifecycle: the draft CDV was finalised and will be issued during December. The document is to replace IEC 61160 Design reviews and focuses on technical reviews through the   life cycle.
  2. IEC 62402 Obsolescence management: comments on the CDV were discussed and an FDIS is to be issued.
  3. IEC 62508 Human aspects of dependability: a new project leader was approved and a fresh call for experts is to be issued with the aim of restarting this project at the next meeting.
  4. The five core standards of TC 56 namely 60300-1; Dependability management; 60300‑3‑4, Specification of dependability requirements; 60300-3-1, Reliability; 60300-3-10, Maintainability; and 60300-3-14, Supportability are being developed together. Draft documents are to be ready for comment by members of all project teams in January with comments discussed at the next meeting of WG3 in Frankfurt in June 2019. The intent is to issue CD’s (or in the case of 60300-3-4 a CDV) after the Frankfurt meeting.
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WG4 – Dependability Information Systems

News at Shanghai, China, October 2019

PWI on risk analysis of open systems
Proposed Work Item (PWI) on risk analysis of open systems will be discussed in the next meeting in Prague.

Comparison of IEC 62741:2015 Demonstration of dependability requirements-The dependability case and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15026-2 Assurance case
IEC 62741 will have stability date and the need for comparison was recognized

Drafting a document on relationship between dependability and emerging technologies.
WG 4 decided to support the chairman’s initiative of drafting the document by commenting and possibly proposing revisions.

Stability dates
Stability dates for WG 4 documents were confirmed: IEC 62673 in 2020, IEC 61907 and IEC 62628 in 2021, IEC 62853:2018 Ed.1 Open systems dependability in 2024.