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TC 56



TC 56 Liaison Members

Number Committee Description TC 56 Liaison Member
1 IEC/TC 1:      Terminology Mr M Grover
2 IEC/TC 9:      Electrical equipment and systems for railways Mr S Griebel
3 IEC/TC 13:    Electrical energy measurement and control Mr R Hill
4 IEC/TC 44:    Safety of machinery – Electrotechnical aspects Mr G Taranto
5 IEC/TC 45
IEC/SC 45A : Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities
Mr G Taranto
6 IEC/TC 47:     Semiconductor Devices Mr J Jones
7 IEC/TC 65:      Industrial measurement process and control
IEC/SC 65A:   Systems Aspects

Mr J Jones
8 IEC/TC 104:    Environmental conditions, classifications and methods of use Mr V Loll
9 IEC/TC 107:    Process management for avionics Ms J Marshall
10 IEC/PC 118:    Smart grid user interface  
11 ISO/TC 67:     Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries Mr L Appleyard
12 ISO/TC 69:                Applications of statistical methods
ISO/TC 69/SC 1:      Terminology and symbols

Mr M Maghar
13 ISO/TC 108:     Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
ISO/TC 108/SC 5:    Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines

Mr T Van Herdeveld
14 ISO/TC 159:     Ergonomics (for approval)
ISO/TC 159/SC 4:     Ergonomics of human-system interaction

Mr M Maghar
15 ISO/TC 176:     Quality management and quality assurance
ISO/TC 176/SC 1:
ISO/TC 176/SC 2:

Mr M Maghar
Mr M Maghar
16 ISO/TC 199:     Safety of machinery Mr G Taranto
17 ISO/TC 251:             Asset management Mr T Van Hardeveld
18 SO/TC 262:             Risk management Ms J Cross
19 JTC 1/SC 7:            Software and system engineering
JTC 1/SC41:           Internet of things and related technologies
Mr Y Kinoshita
Mr S Mangalam
20 CEN/TC 319:           Maintenance Mr G Taranto
21 ACOS – IEC Advisory Committee on Safety Mr M Chevalier
22 IIOM – International Institute of Obsolescence Management Mr G Goring